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All the news about culture near you: reports, interviews, exhibitions, scenes, trends, analysis and criticism of cultural events. Discover information about cinema, music, poetry, painting and literature. Stay up to date and don’t miss anything; the cultural agenda allows you to follow everything and not miss out on anything on a national or international level. More on


Practical information for going on holiday

It is true that going on a trip requires good planning that can last days, if not weeks. In order to considerably reduce this time, we offer you this portal which provides you with a lot of information to help you make the trip of your life.

The real gem of this interface is the advice elaborated by travel experts and made available to tourists, providing them with complete guides for a memorable and inexpensive getaway.

Both entertaining and honest, this site has all the makings of a great travel and vacation site and can easily rival portals visited by the most ardent and passionate travel enthusiasts!

Cinema, the seventh art

Cinema is considered to be the seventh art of presenting a performance to the public in the form of a film. For film enthusiasts, a film festival is a real encounter between a work, its creators and the general public.

Find all the latest news on films: Filming, Box Office, Interviews, latest news… Don’t miss anything thanks to up-to-date information on film releases, previews, actors, critics, reviews illustrated with photos, videos of filming and trailers. Movie lovers, this is the place to be.

You can check Slogan De Pub for instance and find out all about the most famous international film festivals. From Venice to New York through Melbourne and Cannes, stay up to date and be on the lookout: The famous Venice Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival and its Palme d’Or, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Sundance Film Festival in Utah… Find the ranking of the best films of the year and all the programming of those currently in theatres.

Cinema, the seventh art

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Through this site, learn for example how to make a decorative tree or the different objects you can make with toilet paper.

Learning activities

Discover simple ideas that are easy to make, ideal for Mother's Day or in holidays. How to make pretty decorations?

News and information on real estate

information on real estate

What the Internet user is looking for in a real estate site is certainly continuous information. What counts is concrete data and reliable figures…What sells? Where does it sell? What are the medium and long term forecasts? In this portal, we act as specialists and we have to provide you with a real information platform for your future real estate purchases or sales.

Discover with us all the news and changes in real estate today and give yourself the chance to dream of a better home or a more profitable investment. In this interface we are aware of what you need as information and we offer you the cream of the crop of real estate information, all this without making you spend a penny! More on

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Be aware of dates for musicals, one-man shows, classical and contemporary plays.

Real Estate

Don't miss out on the latest news in real estate, mandatory and secondary real estate diagnostics as well as information on selling and buying.

Shows and animations

Find all the news about upcoming circus or street theatre shows. Shows and animations not to be missed.


Find all the news related to concerts for all genres. Always be close enough to your favorite artists and up to date with their achievements.