contemporary art

Impressionist, modern, post War & contemporary art

One way of passing on a message or expression is through painting. A painting can tell a whole story of an event that occurred at a certain place in time with full detail. It is the case in impressionist, modern,…

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George Mathieu

What are the best works by the artist George Mathieu?

Born in 1921, George Mathieu was a French painter who lived a productive life. He was also an art theorist and a member of the Academie des Beaux-Arts based in Paris. In today’s painting world, he is regarded as one…

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Art Market, Auction Sales and Artist Quotes

The art market concerns ancient and contemporary art. For the authors, it is not simply a matter of exhibiting in museums and galleries. The second objective is to see their paintings all over the world, and this through an auction….

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