Can you design your own house and have it built?

design your own house

There are plenty of construction and building companies that offer their clients the option of contributing in the design process. When it comes to the architectural side of things, not every individual may be qualified enough to deal with the technicalities that are involved in designing a house. However, house construction Ramatuelle allows you to pick out your own preferences or specifications and take you through the whole design process to help you achieve the house of your dreams, whether you want a mansion in the hills, or a high-end villa. This is a great opportunity since you get to design a perfectly suited to you lifestyle even without any basic knowledge about design or architecture. Consult one of the top firms that deal with house construction Ramatuelle

How to actually design your house

When designing your house, you will get the help of professional architects so they can help you draw up plans for the builders. Having an architect by your side means that you get a whole different perspective that you can rely on due to the experience that they have. In case of any loopholes in your design, the architect can warn you in advance and advice you on the way forward.

Determining the budget

Most aspiring home owners dread the process of having to make financial plans. Some even have assistants to do it but if you don't mind doing it yourself then it is a great starting point because it a very essential step that affects every other choice that you will make from there on. The expenditure of a custom-built house is a lot more different than that of a normal house. You wil definitely have to make tough decisions as to which items and fees you are going to overlook and figure out those that you want to keep. It is also advisable to have a little extra room in your budget for the unexpected expenses that you will encounter along the way. This will help you avoid any inconviniences that may force you to go above the limit in your budget in the case of an emergency.

Positioning and placement

Before hitting the ground and making the plan for your home, you have to decide on the physical orientation of your house. The design of your home's interior will be greatly affected by how and where you decide to build it. Make sure you pick the right area on your property before you start breaking ground because sometimes you would want a certain room like say, the living room to receive a lot of sunlight for the most part and this is greatly affected by how you place the structure. Just make sure you are in compliance with all the local building codes that dictate where and how you can construct your house. If your house will be built at the top of a hill you might have to be prepared for the extra cost of water and sewage pumps, and if it is at the bottom of the hill, then you will incur the cost of constructing water runoffs to keep rain water away from your home's foundation. If your property is located in a cold area, you might consider placing the house in an area with more direct sunlight to save of energy and heating costs. However, if your plot of land happens to be in an area with warm weather, then you might want to consider building your house in an area with tall trees and hedges that can provide shade to keep your home cool. Other things to consider like extensions to the house, things such as a servant's quarter, a longer driveway to access your house better, or a tool shed could all be considered as well.

Lifetyle specifications

The chance to design your own house gives you an edge because it means you can get all the things you wanted without having to compromise on any other stuff. Your house can actually be an extension of your character and lifestyle. You get to decide whether you want a big house or a small one, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the kitchen styling, window sizes and a lot more. Some clients require home offices, fully equipped gyms or walk-in closets and some get so excited with their options that they get confused. Some architectural firm deal exclusively with house construction & refurbishment.

Style of house

When picking out the type of house you want to create, there are different exceptional house styles to consider. You might want to go with either a modern or a traditional layout. Some prefer the more traditional style of architecture that has components like stone, brick, hardwoods, smaller windows, fireplaces and certain paint colors that have a more old school appeal. On the other hand, you can go for the modern style houses which feature more sophisticated architectural designs and shapes, larger windows, and muted colors. Unlike with the traditional layout, the modern houses use materials like concrete and steel. Another thing to consider when deciding how to style the house is the floor plans. In a more traditional setting, the rooms are divided into separate single purpose units. The modern style is a bit different from the traditional one. Most of the time, they have open concept floor plans with fewer walls that are multi-purpose. Apart from these two options you can also pick from other options that include; a cottage, farmhouse, ranch, mid-century, colonial, contemporary, mediterannean just to mention but a few.


Designing your own house means you have ultimate control which can prove to be intimidating and stressful especially since the process can prove to be very rigourous, but as soon as you find a final design that you love, it can be very rewarding once you complete it. Just make sure you get the results that you want to avoid wasting your hard earned money. Hopefully this article has shed some light on what it entails to design and build your own custom home.

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