Fruits rich in vitamin c: opt for Amazonian camu-camu

The human body needs a regular supply of vitamin C to stay healthy. Vitamin C is essential to our form and contributes greatly to fighting fatigue and has other virtues that guarantee a better physical condition for all ages. In fact, many foods contain vitamin C, but for an effective and satisfying effect, nothing beats camu-camu. It is a champion fruit of vitamin C, well known by its Amazonian origin. It is appreciated for its exceptional benefits, taste and nutritional qualities. To find out more about this vitamin C-rich fruit, follow the article below.

Discover first the usefulness of vitamin C for our health

Vitamin C is essential to have a gold mine and must be regularly supplied to the human body through diet. It is of great importance as it has everything to make a human body in top shape. By the way, vitamin C strengthens the immune system. It is therefore able to resist the attacks of bacteria and viruses that lead to various infections. It is also a powerful antioxidant, ideal for prolonging the life of cells. In addition, by swallowing more vitamin C, your wounds and fractures can heal faster. In addition, vitamin C is essential for a good mood, stress can be reduced considerably and you can be sure that you no longer know what anxiety is. If you want to lose weight, vitamin C supplements can help you achieve your goal.

Knowing the origin of camu-camu

First of all, camu camu is a fruit endemic to the western part of the Amazon basin, in the Amazon forest. It is a fruit of a bushy tree that grows in moist soils. Very well known in Peru, camu camu is a source of well-being and exceptional benefits for the human body. It is therefore an excellent natural remedy. This fruit belongs to the Myrtaceae family. This means that it is of the same family as guava and myrtle. It can reach up to 4 metres in height and the roots are quite deep. Its fruits are red berries. It is exploited for its richness in vitamin C. It is thus a super fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C. The use of camu-camu has increased greatly thanks to the interest of the South American food industry. Nowadays, it is used all the time in the composition of several sweet products of common consumption, namely sorbet, juices, jams, etc.. It also comes in the form of food supplements.

Small berries rich in vitamin C

Being the king of vitamin C, camu-camu contains a multitude of active substances and its berries contain much more vitamin C than an orange or lemon. This is why it is best to choose this Amazonian fruit for an adequate supply of vitamin C. This fruit also contains carotenoids and anthocyanins, well known for their antioxidant properties. Indeed, berries are excellent anti-inflammatory, a rare antiviral, a very rich nutrient and a natural slimming agent as mentioned above. According to studies carried out in the past, it has been proven that dried camu-camu is even richer in vitamin C. It is therefore very useful for feeling better and having a good shape and better health throughout the day. It provides strength and vitality. It is also suitable for seniors. To find out more, check out the camu-camu reviews on the internet and you'll see how beneficial this fruit is for your health.

Opt for quality camu-camu

Finally, in order for you to fully enjoy the benefits of camu-camu, it is preferable to bet on natural camu-camu or camu-camu in the wild. To do this, it is therefore necessary to pay attention to its origin. It is the camu-camu harvested in the Amazon by local producers that has an incomparable quality. The fruit still contains its vitamin C in incalculable quantities. This is organic camu-camu grown in fields with organic certification. This practice allows consumers to enjoy its nutritional values without harming their health or the environment. Thus, eating camu-camu every day helps to stay healthy. You can buy camu-camu in any specialty store. It can be sold raw or in the form of juice, jam or a vitamin C-rich food supplement.
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