How to create your personalized t-shirt online?

To convey a message, a favourite quote, your company logo, your favourite slogan, your opinion on popular topics or even your whims between couples, opt for customised T-shirts. You can be one of a kind, with your own style, a special design. Add a personal touch to the T-shirt you want to wear in just a few clicks.

The steps to follow

Whether it is for your team, your family, your couple or for you alone, customizing your t-shirt is possible on many sites. The first thing to do is to choose the tee-shirt you want to customize, its color, the size you want and also the cut. You will be spoilt for choice, as there is a whole range of specific colours and textures just waiting for your selection. Next, the action to do is to choose between embroidery or printing for the message. Now make room for your imagination and creative spirit. Now write down the text of your desires and it will automatically be placed on the spot to be printed. Now turn your attention to the colours of the text for printing or the thread for embroidery. Here again, a range of colours is available. Carry out these actions according to the event or the occasion to wear the personalized T-shirt. Bring out the artist in you.

The most used marking techniques

Several techniques are to be distinguished for marking. Firstly, digital printing is capable of covering both small and large surfaces. Thus, for visuals with a lot of detail, printing is the best solution and is available for large series. In addition, the price is more than affordable for small or medium quantity orders. This technique is capable of reproducing even the most complicated photos or logos down to the smallest detail without hindering movement. On the other hand, prices are more expensive with darker colored textiles and may degrade over time. On top of that, it is only applicable on cotton. Secondly, the embroidery is one of the most suitable to reproduce the visual with a very high quality. It is more or less a matter of sewing. Nevertheless, it will allow you to bring a new dimension of elegance to your personalized T-shirt. Unfortunately, the work takes a certain amount of time and can only be done from 30 pieces.

Other marking alternatives

Silk screen printing, which is mostly done on silk. It holds up very well over time. However, it is only available with more than 30 pieces and the price per color of a visual and cannot make too detailed designs. The flocking tee shirt is also a very widespread means of marking in the medium. The result obtained by flocking is a bit like silk screen printing to the touch. It works using a method of thermal pressure. The advantage is that it can be done on any kind of textile. The cost of the work depends on the degree of difficulty of the logo. This marking system is remarkably solid and has a remarkable finish. Ordering a small quantity is also possible and this method is totally suitable for lettering. On the other hand, it is not really durable and the plastic effect is too obvious to the touch. In addition, difficult logos are impossible. All Mister tee shirts are available for each of these marking methods. Start feeling the ground and go straight to the order.
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