How to optimize the chances of pregnancy?

Becoming a parent is part of the project of married couples and most of them want to define the sex of their baby. It is necessary to prepare oneself physically and morally to get pregnant in good condition. Here are some suggestions to help you get pregnant easily, methods to predict the sex of your baby and precautions to take into account for a successful pregnancy.

How can I get pregnant quickly and efficiently?

It is important to determine the date of ovulation in order to get pregnant easily. Making love regularly during the week of ovulation will increase the chance of sperm survival in the uterus because sperm live in the uterus for about 3 to 5 days. Above all, there is no stress, because you have to find pleasure. Some positions are also recommended during intercourse if couples want to, but nothing obliges them. When considering a pregnancy, one wants to have a baby quickly. A diet should be followed but it is best to abstain from drastic diets. Rather favour foods rich in vitamin B9, and especially a varied and balanced diet. To promote fertility, and to have a healthy baby, it is best to eat healthy foods.

Girl or boy? It's up to you to choose the sex of your child

Thanks to science, nowadays it is possible to predict the sex of your child. Several methods are effective in choosing the sex of your child since parents always have a preference between having a boy or a girl. Foods can influence the sex of your unborn child. To have a girl, the most advantageous is to eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium (for example: fresh fish, rice, raspberry, kiwi ...). Unlike boys, food must be rich in sodium and potassium (meat, dried fish, cold cuts, potatoes, bananas...). These diets are recommended to be consumed two months before pregnancy. The urinary PH can depend on the diet and then it plays an important role in choosing the sex of the baby. An acid PH to have a girl and an alkaline PH for a boy.

Other precautions for a successful pregnancy

On the various medications or treatments, their consumption must be reduced when you decide to have a baby. But it is best to consult a gynaecologist or your doctor for advice. During pregnancy, physical exertion is not recommended because it can lead to miscarriage. Unless the doctor suggests then that he or she is the specialist and tells you how well you are doing. It is forbidden for a woman who wants to get pregnant quickly to use tobacco, drink alcohol and smoke because this can have a negative impact on the baby and even her health. Fear of failure, panic, stress and anxiety are to be avoided because conceiving a baby must remain a pleasure. The hope and happiness of having the child you want should be your only concern.
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