How to choose the right ice cream containers?

When choosing a cardboard ice-cream container, there are a number of things to consider, but above all it is important to make sure that customers can benefit from other essential accessories.

The cardboard container, an essential for ice cream

Of all the containers for ice cream, small cardboard containers are undoubtedly the most suitable and appreciated. Perfect for serving ice cream to go, they do not warp and do not let the cream pass when it starts to melt. It is the ideal container for summer and is usually available in several sizes to offer different take-away ice cream formulas. You can find small cardboard ice cream containers in specialist shops. Most shops require a minimum order of several thousand containers, but if you are just starting out, you can often ask for a special offer to test the quality of the products.

Customize ice cream containers

To improve your brand image or make your sign more visible on the street, you can request a personalized ice cream container with your shop's name on it. It is also possible to add a particular phrase or design to allow passers-by to recognize your brand. When you place an order for ice cream containers, simply ask for the services of a graphic designer to personalize your products. Some shops that sell ice cream accessories work directly with professionals so that you can get the design you had in mind or come up with something more original. Be careful, however, because using a graphic designer can significantly increase the unit price of your small ice cream container. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote before placing an order with a professional.

Choosing the right accessories for the containers

Small ice cream containers are great for serving your products but to enhance the customer experience, you need to offer other accessories that make ice cream consumption easier. When ordering ice cream containers in cartons, it is recommended that you also choose plastic or wooden spoons: most models are sold by the unit or by the kilo. For more originality, you can also opt for small disposable decorations to put on the ice cream. Other accessories are particularly useful to the customer, such as paper napkins. Basic models purchased individually are sufficient to keep greedy consumers from getting dirty. For a less messy tasting experience, you can also opt for plastic cups that fit your cardboard containers. In this case, it is recommended that you place the order in the same shop to benefit from compatible models.
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