Mobile payment systems: How android pay works

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Businesses have developed various systems to make their operations efficient and convenient for the consumer. Efficiency is a key component in saving valued time and money for the organisation. The advancement of technology has seen various systems that have strived to be the ultimate payment solution. Debit and credit cards are convenient payment methods. However, it involved the need to carry around the cards. In recent years, mobile device management software integrated into various Point of Sale terminals to make payments efficient. It has enabled an android terminal such as Android Pay which was revamped to google pay. These Android devices are accessible from sites such as It has been a revolutionary technology. Some retailers reward their customers to develop a sustainable android environment. The android environment has many tools that make it a financial hub. It is a much-accepted payment method that is convenient for any android terminal.

How Android Pay Works

Once a consumer has a smartphone they may use Android Pay. It uses NFC communication to secure a debit or credit card transaction between the payment terminal and your smartphone. The NFC communication ensures contactless payment while at the checkout. You will then be required to input your PIN on the terminals keypad or your smartphone depending on the system utilized. The card then extracts money onto the system. Android Pay facilitates payments with Android phones compatible with it. The Android phone should have KitKat(4.4) and beyond inclusive of NFC. Recent Android phones have the specifications required. However, it is a good idea to confirm that the NFC is enabled. Android Pay ensures safety measures for use of its product by keeping personal and financial information safe. A virtual account number is attached to each card to keep the users’ details confidential. It is a measure against fraud. In addition, Android Pay sends a confirmation message to your phone once payment is processed. The message contains information regarding the location of the transaction and the name of the retailer to easily identify suspicious activity. Android Pay is compatible with the MasterCard and VISA Cards from reputable banks. The Android pay is used for in-app purchases, contactless payments, and online payments. It can also be used for peer-to-peer sending of funds.

Benefits of Android Pay

The following are the major benefits derived from the use of Android Pay:-

  • Convenient method of payment:- You no longer require to carry debit and credit cards with you as you pay for goods and services using Android Pay. It is a fast and secure method of payment. Additionally, there is no risk of theft or loss associated with carrying cash.
  • Secure payment:- Android Pay uses NFC communication to pay for goods and services at the payment terminal. This communication is encrypted hence there is no threat to the data.

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